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Local Tutoring on Maui, Oahu, Hawaii and all other Hawaiian Islands

Exclusive Assessment Based Tutoring

Exclusive license for adaptive learning, comprehensive skills assessments


We are proud to offer the most advanced and accurate academic skills assessments in the U.S.


About our assessments


Our LGL ELA, Math & Reading Assessments are based on U.S. Department of Education Standards which most institutions of higher learning also subscribe to. The assessments provide in-depth accurate information about the student’s capabilities and skills deficiencies.


We have an exclusive license for our enhanced version of these assessments in the United States.


We use the assessments to develop a prioritized tutoring plan for remediation of challenging areas for the student. This helps you as your Investment in educational services with us is not wasted covering material the student is already proficient in.


Parents receive a full parent’s report and our academic staff receives a comprehensive teacher’s report which links to curriculum for deficient Skills areas and even indicates the best learning methods and styles for the tutor to use to effectively help the student.


Academic Excellence Assessments are mandatory for all students because they are proven to be instrumental in successful planning and implementation of tutoring plans.


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