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Benefits of Tutoring

Save 50% off  and prevent bad grades.

Offer expires 9/19/2016. Requires purchase of 32 hours or more.




Did you know that just 16 hours of tutoring can boost your grades from a C to an A?


Many studies prove that professional tutoring improves grades – US Department of Education


The United States Department of Education has conducted a study on the effectiveness of a properly executed tutoring program. The results of that study shows that just 16 hours of professional tutoring can have a dramatic effect on grades – the survey showed that 72% of students improve their grades by between one and two letter grades (so moving from a C to a B or even an A). They also found a small percentage of students (around 12%) improved their grades by two or more letter grades- meaning your child could potentially move from a D grades to an A grades.


So why does our professional tutoring improve grades?


1.      Personalized, custom academic support. Our methodology of using assessment and remediation based tutoring has helped over 900 Hawaii students advance and graduate. The main advantage of a professional tutor is that they spend a great deal of Prep time and one on one time with a student. This means they can quickly and effectively assess strengths and weaknesses. Based on this and skills assessments results we create a highly targeted plan of study to tackle all learning deficiency issues.


2.      Fun appealing learning. Each tutor has their own teaching methods but they can be incredibly flexible depending on the needs of the child and their learning style. They also have the scope to create fun lessons that may be different from the traditional, less interactive approach in a classroom.


3.      A safe environment. Professional tutors allow a child to talk about their problems in an environment they feel safe in. They can discuss their fears, chat about subjects they struggle with and talk around problems. They don’t have to worry about what their friends or teacher thinks. This often means a child becomes more confident, which helps them in the classroom setting, in turn improving their grades.


Overall grade improvement depends on lots of factors including the subject your child is being tutored in and how dedicated your child is to their study. However, if your child attends at least four hours of professional tutoring per week you will see a significant improvement in just a month.


We are proud to offer our Better Grades Guarantee!


Tutoring Can Help Your Will Help Your Student Succeed: Get ahead of bad grades and the anxiety that they cause for your student.


Enroll in tutoring now before learning deficiencies impact your child.





What are the differences between private tutoring and class learning? Private tutoring allows your student to get the most out of their tutoring experience by focusing on their individual needs! Our tutors have the advantage of the industry’s best diagnostics and extensive training in Academic Excellence Tutoring’s revolutionary methods. They also possess advanced degrees and are experts in their field of expertise.


Private tutoring will:


Eliminate distractions

One-on-one tutoring at Academic Excellence Tutoring allows your child to work in a private, comfortable, and professional setting.


Allow a perfect tutor match


Academic Excellence Tutoring professional staff will help you select a tutor that has the background and personality that suits your child! We guarantee this tutor match will be to your satisfaction, or we will credit the session and allow your student to work with another tutor.


Allow your child to focus on specific areas


Classroom teachers are constrained by time and pacing for subject coverage; they have to ‘teach to the middle’ of the group. Academic Excellence Tutoring goal is to only tutor a student in areas where they need attention, which maximizes cost effectiveness and maintains student motivation.


Provide confidence and self-esteem


Confidence is an extremely important factor when learning any new subject! The more confident a child feels in a course of study, the more creative their thought processes become. This means they will be able to grasp complicated concepts much more easily, and to connect these concepts to other areas of their curriculum.


Encourage enthusiasm


Academic Excellence Tutoring tutors are passionate about the subjects that they teach. Your student may very well develop an interest and fascination for a subject, because not only are they being taught the basics, but they are also working with someone who can illustrate the practical and advanced uses of a concept.


Remediate, and then build towards academic success


Sometimes a student may have missed key points in the syllabus that are now holding them back from understanding more advanced concepts. Almost every subject scaffolds off of the concepts that come before! A poor understanding of algebraic concepts, for instance, will create problems for any geometry student. Academic Excellence Tutoring tutors excel at identifying areas that need work, and bringing a student back up to speed. At that point, students begin to pre-learn upcoming topics, giving them a proven advantage over their classmates.


Give students a forum to ask questions


Many children are self-conscious about asking questions in class. Students are always more comfortable with a mentor figure in a private setting, making it more likely that they will ask insightful questions and receive meaningful answers.


Save students – and parents – time and effort


Academic Excellence Tutoring tutors are able to cover a lot of detail in a short amount of time. They work at your student’s pace and capacity for learning, utilizing effective methods to explain advanced concepts. Every student is different, but Academic Excellence Tutoring tutors are able to quickly identify and adapt to those individual needs and capabilities.


Achieve better grades in school, and on standardized tests


A private tutor can provide the instruction that your child needs, along with resources that will supplement their classroom learning and their preparation for standardized tests. Academic Excellence Tutoring students consistently demonstrate grade and score increases that can only be called incredible!


Open doors to high achievement


Academic Excellence Tutoring promotes new possibilities by helping students raise test scores and grades. We build better futures by unlocking doors to success. Most importantly, we provide students with the skills and strategies they need to feel more confident inside and outside the classroom!