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Aloha Family Tutors


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Local Tutoring on Maui, Oahu, Hawaii and all other Hawaiian Islands



Our Mentoring and Tutoring Methodology


Our tutoring methodology includes components of U.S. DOE Academic Standards and mentoring based components. We strive to ensure that the tutor working with each student is able to establish a rewarding mentoring relationship as well as ensuring academic success for every student. We expect and train our academic staff to build rapport with each student functioning as a mentor and a teacher. We expect our tutors to be role models for our students. Our methodology outline is:


* Improving academic skills by focusing equally on educational deficiencies identified by assessments and on helping the student achieve the best grades possible.


* Ensuring the student can demonstrate proficiency in each area of focus verbally and in practice.


* Each student is unique and thus the approach to teaching and to administering a tutoring plan must be flexible and customized.


* Adapting our methods as new best practices and technologies are released and developed.


* Communication with parents and students about progress and needs is critical to success.


* Consistency of tutoring sessions with short and long terms goals is required.


* Utilizing the best teaching aids, curriculum, games, literature, text books, etc...


We offer personal tutoring designed with care and consideration just for each student.