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Aloha Family Tutors


A Service of Academic Excellence




Local Tutoring on Maui, Oahu, Hawaii and all other Hawaiian Islands

Deals And Savings


Multi-Student Discounts


We offer significant savings with multi-student discounts when families or groups of students enroll simultaneously.


Call us for details at 808.344.8468


$50 Referral Credits


We will credit your tutoring account with a $50 referral credit for every student that you refer to us that results in an enrollment. We always ask new students how they heard about us. Many families are able to pay for all or part of their tutoring tuition with referral credits.


No Interest Financing


We are proud to offer no interest tuition financing from Syncrony Bank. These promotional plans also feature no pre-payment penalties. Applicants should have fair to excellent credit scores. No interest financing allows you to purchase larger quantities of tutoring time with the best discounts and lower monthly payments.


For more information or to appy now visit here


Weekly Subscription Plans


Weekly tutoring subscription plans make tutoring tuition more affordable for families who choose not to purchase volume hours upfront for discounts These plans can help to make tuition more affordable for families with almost no upfront investment. These plans do, however, carry restrictions that are not applicable to tutoring time block purchases.  Weekly plans allow up to the number of hours of tutoring that you purchase, and all of the hours must be used each week or they expire - the hours do not roll-over. Weekly plans also require a weekly billing contract with a credit or debit card and require a 4 billing cycle notice to cancel.  



To view our program guide and rate card visit here