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Frequently (FAQ's) Asked Questions About Tutoring

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What makes Aloha Family Tutors tutoring work?


Our tutoring philosophy is centered around the belief that the best kind of learning results in empowering the student and helping them to become smarter, more confident and more independent.


We employ a proven, award winning, remediation based, four step approach to tutoring. Our tutoring system is 100% effective and comes with our Better Grades GuaranteeSM..


The four step approach is:


1. Administer extensive, advanced, adaptive, learning assessments.

2. Review assessments and other facts to develop and distribute a comprehensive, customized, tutoring plan for your child.

3. Execute the tutoring plan, create and deliver detailed notes for parents and teachers of progress and other observations.

4. Re-assess the student on a regular basis using only the best assessment tools and in-line observations and adjust the tutoring plan, methods, etc. for maximum results.


How will I know that my child is really making progress?


We perform progressive assessments which show our parents detailed progress and improvement in core subjects, over time. Public and Private school systems do not employ these types of customized, consistent assessment tools


How will I know that my child is really making progress?


We perform progressive assessments which show our parents detailed progress and improvement in core subjects, over time. Public and Private school systems do not employ these types of customized, consistent assessment tools.


How much does tutoring with Aloha Family Tutors cost?


We offer the best value in Hawaii for your learning investment. Our tutoring programs start with rates as low as $20 per hour.


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Do you offer payment plans and financing?


Yes. We offer exclusive tuition financing offers for our families which help to make tutoring affordable for all families. We offer in-house financing which requires no credit check and longer term tuition financing by Synchrony Bank.


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Do you have any special offers for families new to Aloha Family Tutors?


From time to time we do offer special programs for newly enrolling students.


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How often and how long does my child need to attend?


To get the most bang for your buck, with your tutoring investment, we follow the recommendations from the US Department of Education and the National Tutoring Association recommending two tutoring sessions per week for at least two hours per session, per subject. Attendance consistency and parental involvement are absolutely vital to ensuring tutoring and overall academic success.


My child doesn’t seem to like school anymore. How do I know if my child needs a tutor?


All students will benefit from attending tutoring. If your child is unhappy in school or not performing well, our tutoring offers support to make your child love learning and we also offer our Aloha Academy Private School Program which replaces public or private school and allows your child to learn and progress at their own rate. Typically, students of Aloha Academy progress at an accelerated pace and advance and graduate early. The Aloha Academy Alternative School Program only requires students to attend live classes, online or at our learning center for nine hours per week.


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My child has lost all interest in doing well in school. Can Aloha Family Tutors help my child get motivated?


Our tutor programs do consistently improve students’ attitudes toward attending school. We strive to motivate students and to ensure that they develop a lasting love of learning.



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What kinds of tutoring programs does Aloha Family Tutors offer?



We provide programs for Standard Academic, Better Grades and Core Curriculum Tutoring for all ages and subjects, special programs for Homework Supervision, Individual Tutoring, Test Prep, Special Needs, Gifted and Talented, Holiday and Summer programs and our own Aloha Academy, Accredited, Alternative School Program.


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What Location Options do you offer?


We offer tutoring at our professional Kihei Learning Center, Online lessons, and Mobile tutoring where the tutor comes to your desired location.


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I want my child to have individual attention from a tutor — can Aloha Family Tutors provide that?


Absolutely. We can provide a tutor who matches all of your requirements and needs for individual, private, tutoring at our learning center or at your desired location.


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Do Aloha Family Tutors work with my child's teacher or school?


Our policy is simple. We go above and beyond to help our students. If a teacher or counselor contacts us, we will do everything possible to work with them to help your child.

How do you select and train your tutors?


All applicants must complete an extensive application, must score 95% or higher on all of our college level teacher assessments for all subjects, must pass an international criminal back ground screening and must demonstrate teaching proficiency in a learning environment with multiple students. All applicants receive extensive training on our policies and standards.


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Will my child really like coming to the tutoring center?


Sometimes it takes a few sessions and allowing some time for a tutor to develop a solid relationship and trust with a student. Students love tutoring! Typically, after a few sessions, our students feel more confident and empowered and you will notice the positive changes and better grades.  (Great tutoring with a cool and qualified tutor utilizing, the latest technology and tools to make learning fun, always instills confidence and a love for learning in our students.) Our learning center is a place where students also feel inspired to learn and are comfortable asking questions and trying their best. We combine the professionalism of a great staff, the enthusiasm of amazing tutors and the coolness factor of digital learning to make going to our learning center the highlight of your child’s day (and ours as well!).


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My child has already had a school assessment. What makes Aloha Family Tutors assessments different?


We have an exclusive license for our assessment tools. Our assessment tools include online assessments, teacher observations and other tools based on assessing common core learning and better grades performance. Our assessment tools employ an adaptive learning system which is 98.7% accurate.


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