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About Summer Learning Loss & Help your Child Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

Studies show that students lose months of reading and math skills over summer vacation. That knowledge loss adds up — especially for children of low-income families — but it can be mitigated by keeping students engaged all year long.

Resources For Parents

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Academic Excellence Alternative School Academy has helped over 800 students graduate from High School and College. Many of these students were unhappy and failing in the traditional school enviroment but thrived after enrolling in our Alternative School Academy.

Summer Empowerment Programs

Resources For Parents
Resources For Parents
Resources For Parents

Academic Excellence offers a wide variety of Summer Programs to empower your kids, avoid summer learning loss and to help them prepare for the upcoming school year. Idle minds lose knowledge. Our summer programs include:



Mathematics, English & Language Arts and Reading Clinics

Accredited Summer School Programs

Accredited Extra Credit and College Courses

Technology Clinics for MS Office, Minecraft and Computer Skills

Customized Asssessments and remediation of academic Skills